Thursday, September 21, 2017

Monthly Musical Update

Dear Parents,

Grade 3 has had a wonderful start to the year in Music Class.  We learned about how to make a good sound on the recorder, by blowing slow, warm air and saying ‘too’ as we blow each note.  We’re working through recorder karate, a music book that has many different songs based on karate belt levels.  We really enjoyed when the class passed our first challenge, the White Belt song ‘Hot Crossed Buns.’

Students should try to practice recorder at home a little bit every day. In order for students to have a productive practice time at home, please help to remind them of their 4 steps for reading new music:
1.       Count and clap the rhythms out loud.
2.       Say the note names in rhythm
3.       Say the note names in rhythm while fingering the notes on the recorder (not playing yet)
4.       Play the music. 

A special note about recorders: It is very important that recorders are cleaned weekly to prevent the growth of illness-causing bacteria or mold.  To do this, please take apart the recorder and wash it inside and out with warm, soapy water (dishsoap works well for this). Please allow the recorder to dry completely before putting it back in its case.


Ms. Shay 

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