Friday, October 6, 2017

Week 7!

Dear parents,

Autumn is officially here! It was chilly this week and we were able to enjoy some cool fresh air in our classroom. Our classroom was full of energy as this week we started practicing for the Celebration of Learning. 

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): Students got busy gathering images to send along with their letters. They used different kinds of resources to gather the pictures and also write a descriptive paragraph. We also started getting ready for our Science Inquiry test on the 5 senses by making different diagrams of the senses.

Language Arts:

Writing: We did our first proper peer reviews on our paragraph writing! Students learned the dos and do nots for peer reviews. They also used our classroom technology to find information! As for grammar we used our EDE grammar worksheets to focus on word choice and punctuation.

Reading: This week we used our Kindles to do research on Russia, our next country of study and global communication. We also started learning about word blending through our spelling lists. Students continue to do very well on their comprehension quizzes and extended response answers. They also started to turn in their Book Reviews! I have added an extra incentive of 150 stars on Raz Kids for each completed Book Review form.

Math: For math, students worked on partitioning. At first, it was a difficult concept for them to understand, but after a few activities and examples, most of them did well on our weekly quiz. We also used partitioning to connect to inquiry by looking at making change and currency exchange.  

Next week: We will continue or Russia exchange and start our informational posters for the 5 senses! We also have a few new friends in our classroom! Students will begin observing, caring for, and writing about our new river animals in our class aquarium!

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