Friday, November 24, 2017

Week 13

Dear parents,

To celebrate World Hello Day, we had a week of global awareness activities and games!

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): Our projects are going well! The students are turning into great inquirers! They are improving in all areas of observation and reflection by doing mini-summaries of their data recorded from each of our four inquiry logs. 

Writing: We are about halfway done with typing and editing our journals. They are going to need the practice as we get ready to do story writing. We also have received a generous gift for our class. We now have three iPad like notebooks to use for our classes! Students can use the notebooks for dictionaries, thesaurus'

Reading: For reading, students continued reading about the adventures of Pippi Longstocking. The author has a great way of using adjectives to describe the story. We will be using the text as an example for when we write our stories.

Math: We started learning about area. The big project of the term is going to be blueprinting and making their own rooms.

Next week: Projects for inquiry and math will continue while we also do some science projects and data collection!

Have a great weekend!

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