Friday, December 15, 2017

December Japanese Class JNL Newsletter

Dear Parents of Grade 3

Today is the last day of the first term.
And it's already the end of this year.
I hope you will have a wonderful holiday and a happy new year! 

*During the winter break, students have Japanese homework, 
 Please check it with your child.

Here is monthly Japanese class newsletter.
Please enjoy reading it.

                   Ms. Hayashi

  Following-up last month, every students made a great effort to finish writing a composition about the sign at the topic “Kininaru kigou”.
 The topic of "Kanji no hiroba" , sometimes appears in the Kokugi textbook for Kanji practice.
They enjoyed making sentences using some kanji.
 Also they read the story "Mousugu Ameni". They read it carefully in each paragraph. They turned their attention to the main character (Boku)'s action to catch his feeling. It is a little long story, so they had a hard time to read it. Their reading skills are getting better when they do their reading homework. Thank you for checking their reading homework.
Winter break is a good time for reading a book! I hope they acquire a good reading habit.
 The last topic for the first term was "Arigatou o tsutaeyou". They studied how to write a letter, and then I gave them an opportunity to erite a thank you letter for Terao Elementary School. We used their  gymnasium for our CoL last week. Students tried to show their gratitude. Nowadays contact by e-mail is very convenience and become popular but I think this is a good occasion for them to write a letter by hand.

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