Friday, December 1, 2017

Week 14!

Dear parents,

Winter is here! This week, primary students had the opportunity to go ice skating! I was so proud of them that they all tried their best on the rink.

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): Our data logs are going well! Students have gotten used to observation and data collection. We are also continuing our family history inquiry. Students have been gathering information about their own cultures and learning about why people migrate. Final projects will be finished in the next few weeks. 

Writing: This week, the students looked at the different types of dialogue in writing. The will be working more on pronouns soon, and I'm confident that the students will be prepared for interesting story writing projects. Their journals are also improving and students have been quite accustomed to writing OREO paragraphs and this will really help them for future writing lessons.

Reading: We continued looking at the parts of a good story. Students were able to break down stories into its parts: beginning, exciting event, rising action, climax, falling action, and ending. As they read their own books and AZ reading, they will start to notice that each story has most of these elements within them.

Math: More on area and a review on perimeter for this week. We will start on our blueprint projects next week. Students have done a great job bringing in all the materials, as we have more than enough cardboard and cartons!

Next week: Projects and finishing up an makeup work! Next week is also the last week of ASPs and also our Celebration of Learning performance. The students are so excited to show you their dance!

Have a great weekend!

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