Friday, January 26, 2018

Week 3!

Dear parents,

This week was Literacy Week! We had a full week of reading, writing, acting, door decorating, and costume parading! It also snowed alot!

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): We continued our observations on our bone project and wrote out our predictions in the form of a hypothesis graph! We are also moving along in out Expressing Ourselves project and learned how to do skits, create dances, and do art to express ourselves!

Writing: We started learning about how to write a chapter story. We went over character development and started looking in detail at our plot roller coaster. I posted a help file in the LA tab of this blog that you can follow along with your child as they develop their stories! We are planning on printing our own books by the end of the term.

Reading: We read alot this week during our annual DEAR time. Drop Everything And Read time is fun and also a bit relaxing. Students stopped what they were working on a got to pick up a book and read in any class!

Math: We finished up graphs and moved on to geometry, starting with 2D shapes. We also reviewed mental math (doing math in your hear) and also story math (I tell a story and the students have to follow along and find out the correct amount). Our G3 Universe is nearly ready to begin buying and selling!

PSPE: We are continuing our unit on kicking but also had time to work on our Talent Quest dances. Mr. Soong is learning quickly hip hop to try to keep up with the students:)

Next week: We will continue our projects in Inquiry, start writing our stories in LA, and get with geometry and percents in Math.  

Have a nice weekend!

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