Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Common Writing Errors 1

In Monday I went to zoo...On Monday I went to the zoo.

There was so many animalsin the zoo...There were so many animals at the zoo.

I made fun with toys...I had fun playing with toys.

And I thought I am finished with homework...I thought I was finished with my homework.

It broked and I made a new won...My toy broke so I made another one.

I was so happy that I can see toy...I was so happy that I could see the toy.

I went to store and buy many stuff...I went to the store and bought many things.

On Sunday, my family read me a book but, my sister was talking to my sister and, I thought I should go but I have to go...On Sunday, my family read me a book, but my sister was talking to my sister. I thought I should go because I felt I had to go.

I bought like a hook....I bought something like a hook.

I take alot of pictures...I took alot of pictures.

In the park of Lego had part of doing the doll had roller coaster, movie theater, and various things...In the Lego park there were various things like: making a doll, a roller coaster, a movie theather, and other things.

Then went back home and watch the movie...Then, I went back home and watched a movie.

My level is a very hard because I do decimal point and simple mental calculation...My level is very hard because I calculate the decimal points and simple mental calculations.

I turned it into an watch...I turned it into a watch.

It was about an boy...It was about a boy.

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