Friday, February 9, 2018

Week 5!

Dear parents,

This week was our Art Exhibition and also Parents Morning!

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): We are in the taking action stage of our unit of inquiry by creating personal sketchbooks! We will be adding to these throughout the year to record our feelings and expressions in cool and creative ways. We also have some new friends to help in our study of living and non living things, earthworms!

Writing: Students will begin writing their stories next week. We have gone over how to write an awesome main character and villain, and our plot rollercoaster.

Reading: We have incorporated our own dear time and Raz Kids in class so that the students are more motivated to read at home. The students are reading with more fluency and their vocabulary is improving when we have more reading opportunities in school!

Math: We finished up most of our geometry unit, looking at ordered pairs, lines of symmetry and polygons. Next week we will tackle 3D shapes. 

PSPE: We finished up our kicking unit today with a free day of soccer and skateboarding. Mr. Soong did a short demonstration on skateboarding and some students picked it up quick! It looks like a fun unit for PE that we will continue into the second half of term 2.

Next week: We will finish up our inquiry projects, start our books in LA, and start looking at 3D shapes in math!

Have a nice weekend!

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