Friday, February 16, 2018

Week 6!

Dear parents,

This week we finished up our inquiry unit and will start our new one! We also had some presentations for secondary students to prepare us for Science Week!

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): We finished up our How We Express Ourselves sketchbooks! Students got really messy showing who they are in their own pieces of art! We also looked at how authors express themselves in writing through our novel Pippi Long tocking and through food! We made our own healthy chocolates and learned recipe writing.

Writing: Students have started writing their stories. They already have amazing ideas and we are all excited to see what enfolds.

Reading: We have started our Free Read time. I can already see the students love of books developing and their Raz Kids scores have been improving! 

Math: We took a break from geometry to brush up on division this week. We will be using division in the future and it was a great time to show our work instead of using calculators!

PSPE: We started our new unit on body and movement. Students learned how to fall and roll on our new mats! We will continue to learn more fun techniques as the weeks go one!

Next week: We will reflect on our inquiry projects and start our new inquiry cycles! We will continue with geometry and also start learning about society and technology!
Have a nice weekend!

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