Friday, March 16, 2018

Week 10!

Next week is the last week of school! The big buzz of the week was the Talent Quest. 

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): This week students started the sorting out process of their inquiry projects. All topics and methods of presentation were decided by students. This project will be student centered! They will lead and I will guide! They are finding a problem on their own by researching and asking other teachers and students.

Writing: Students have finished up their rough drafts and are going into peer reviews. They have been through the long process of the plot rollercoaster but it has been a great ride!

Math: We went over a math inquiry in the form of a project. They were timed to come up with the solution to create two houses with the value of 500,000 yoops each. They had to create and come up with a payment plan!

PSPE: We went into the front kick and combinations in kickboxing today. It's a great test of endurance, flexibility, and coordination. We also did a bit of wrestling. Students learned about gravity, force, and motion when learning to sit out and switch out of a grappling hold on our tumbling mats!
Next week: We will begin filming and taking action on our inquiries. Students will have multiple chances to film their project and reflect and improve on their projects. In math, we will continue on perimeter and area in creating maps and in LA we will peer review and learn how to do it in the most helpful way possible.

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