Friday, March 23, 2018

Week 11

What a great finish to an exciting term! Talent quest was a success with many of our students taking the stage and one of our grade 3 students winning in a group competition!

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): This week the students presented their inquiry projects for How the World Works. There was a variety of role-plays, presentations, and news reports to enjoy! The students showed their communication skills by presenting their student-created inquiry to the class. We all learned a little more about how the world works and how we can make it better in the future.

Language Arts: Students have finished their stories. It was a long journey and they are all better writers since the beginning of the term. This term, we individualized each students learning by focusing on their individual writing and reading skills. We utilized Raz Kids to target our reading strengths and weakness while practicing oral reading in reading circle time. 

Math: In math, we also created individualized plans for each student. Students will be focusing on their individual needs in the different types of math skills. As a class, we finished up the term with geometry and division.

PSPE: We finished up our unit on body movement and martial arts! Students had a blast learning about the force of motion and gravity when grappling on our mats. We finished the last PSPE for the term with our famous obstacle run and a grappling tournament.

Next next week: We will be starting our new inquiry unit! The central idea will be that people use innovative ways to create systems that meet the needs of the community. It's going to be a busy term with inquiry projects, individualized skilled assignments, International Children's Festival, Cambridge and Map testing, the Year End Performance, and Disney! I'm looking forward to the last term with the students!

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