Saturday, March 3, 2018

Week 8!

Dear parents,

We are starting our Inquiry projects! We also had a guest speaker from Google and did a few science experiments!

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): This week we looked at the three states of matter and experimented with all 3! Students used their inquiry skills to question what would happen when sugar is turned into a liquid state and water into a gas. We also made clouds out of our mouths!

Writing: Students writing skills are really improving in their journals. We using the students notecards to track their progress and record common writing errors in spelling and grammar. Their stories are coming along and we are ready to begin our rough drafts.

Math: This week we worked on the real world application of division. Students learned how to figure out how to save for a big purchase in the future. We used division to divide the amount of months it would take to purchase a very expensive item. We will use this math in next terms inquiry when students can save and invest their made up currency in the G3 Universe!

PSPE: This week we learned about the guard position. It's a defensive position in martial arts. We played a few games and activities to build the students mobility and quickness. We ended the week with a obstacle course run and a fun game of who is the spy octopus!

Next week: We will start our projects and begin recording! Students will film a newscast, skit, powerpoint presentation or vlog. We will finish up division and geometry and move on to calculating perimeter and area.

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