Friday, April 27, 2018

April Japanese class JNL Newsletter

Dear Parents of Grade 3

We could start term 3 successfully!
I appreciate your continued understanding and cooperation.
And now, we have a Golden Week!
I hope everyone will have a nice break.
(JNL students have a kanji practice as usual homework.)

Here is monthly Japanese class newsletter. 
Please enjoy reading it.
                                                                               Ms. Hayashi

 The first story of this term was “Sannen touge” (in the original Korean). It is an interesting story, they enjoyed reading the rhythmical sentences that shown up the story. They exchanged their thought about favorite part of that story.
 After that, they studied the structure of the story (the four-parts; introduction, development, turn and conclusion) and had been working on writing their own story in the topic of “Takarajima no bouken”. They made an adventure story watching the map from the textbook. This work provides creativity and writing skill. It took time to finish it, but every student made an effort to make their own story with their imagination.They had been working hard making their own story with their imagination.
 (Some students have not finished their story yet, it is their homework during Golden Week and they are supposed to hand in by May 7th .)
We will enjoy reading their own story each other after Golden Week.
When they take it home, please enjoy reading it!

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