Friday, April 13, 2018

Week 2!

Week 2 went by so quickly! The students have been very excited to practice for their ICF dance Soran Bushi. We also enjoyed many inquiry activities and games for our annual Earth Day event.!

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): This week created systems in Language Arts, Math, and Inquiry. Students also began their inquiry projects! They will develop a system that will help our class or school. The projects will be student-centered and inquiry driven. We will stop frequently throughout the next two weeks to discuss our progress and share our ideas.

Language Arts: We have begun poetry! We started by looking at the poem, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. We looked at the emotional areas of the poem and made our own tree poems. This will be our taking action stage to start off this project.

Math: This week in math we started our differentiated learning. Students used Quizlet to input various levels of practice tests and activities for other students. We also had a differentiated multiplication activity where the whole class was working at the same time with different levels. We held mini-workshops to help students individual needs. 

PSPE: Our new PE teacher is awesome. He helped us with our dance and is always encouraging them to try their best.

Next next week: We will start the making part of the student's inquiry projects. We will also start writing more poems and practicing for ICF!

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Soong

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