Friday, April 20, 2018

Week 3!

Week 3 was all about the ICF! Students are very excited to put on a great performance for all of you!

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): The students have begun the building process of their inquiry projects. Some of them are choosing to create systems in class, and others around the school. The visited the various locations and begun planning and adapting their projects. Some of the groups even have to write the principal an email for consideration of their system to take place in the school!

Language Arts: The students are really enjoying the poetry unit. It's a nice break for them to relax and just write what they feel. This week, we worked on a rhyming poem about recipes and food.

Math: We have begun doing review activities to prepare for our Cambridge math test in a few weeks. We also looked deeper into fractions, especially the terminology used in math.

Next next week: We finish up our inquiry projects!

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Soong

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