Friday, April 27, 2018

Week 4!

Week 4 went by in a flash! The ICF was a great success, especially the student's performance!

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): The students did an amazing job at ICF. I was so proud of them. They practiced so hard and were able to give their best! This week the students finished up their inquiry projects. Students used their ICT skills and started designing their projects with photos and images from the internet. They found out many new things about designing a system! Many students realized that the color, size, layout, and craftsmanship all play a big role in the effect of their system. For example, one group discovered that creating a sign on darker paper would make it difficult for students to see. Another group decided to take step by step pictures of their steps because the text they wrote wasn't enough to convey the process of their system. They used their thinking and research skills to adjust their inquiries to create even more effective systems.

Language Arts: This week we continued our poetry unit by using more examples from Shel Silverstein. We also studied the skills needed to take a test. The students will be taking their Cambridge assessment exams a few weeks after they come back from Golden Week.

Math: This week we did more reviews. We looked into systems to develop better mental math skills. One of our soccer-loving students shared his very clever way of doing mental math with two digits. We even named the system with his name because it was so interesting!

Next next week: We make conclusions on our current unit and move on to our next unit.

Have a great GW weekend,

Mr. Soong

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