Friday, May 25, 2018

Week 7!

Week 7! This week we took our Cambridge exams and worked on our inquiry projects! It was a busy week so week took some time outside to get some fresh air and play some inquiry activities. 

Inquiry (Social Studies, Science): The student's projects are moving forward well. They came up with some really creative ideas and are really going for it! This is a student lead inquiry project and the students are free to come up with their own ideas.

Language Arts: We worked on our Cambridge tests! The students seemed to have a difficult time with the questions but they were able to provide the answer once I explained it to them.

Math: Cambridge time this week! As with the other exams, students had difficulty with the way the questions were worded but were more than capable to answer the problems. They also had MAP testing!

Next week: We will be looking at our Cambridge results and reviewing any questions that were difficult or needed review. We will also continue our taking action stage of our inquiry stages.

Have a fantastic weekend,

Mr. Soong

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