Friday, June 15, 2018

June Japanese class JNL Newsletter

Dear Grade 3 parents,

Finally, we finished this academic year!
It was very hard to make a push to finish all the units from their kokugo textbook, 
even then I had a great time with HORIZON students this academic year! 
And I am glad that I can tell every student has improved their Kokugo ability.
Students will take a Japanese file home, please look over it and praise them the result of the Japanese learning of this year. 
(If you come to the PTC with Ms. Hayashi, Please bring that Japanese file.) 
I would like to thank you for your support and cooperation for learning Japanese.

During the summer break, all the students have Japanese homework. 
Please check it with your children. 
I hope everyone has a nice summer break.

Here is monthly Japanese class newsletter. 
Please enjoy reading it.
                                                                                 Ms. Hayashi 

 The Grade 3 students read the story “ari no gyouretsu”. It is an interesting expository writing, they learned how the ants make a line between foods and their nests. They also learned the structures of the paragraphs.
 At the topic of “Shiryoukarawakaru shougakusei nokoto”, they learned how to speak what they understand from looking the materials such as a graph, a list and a chart.
 Also they enjoyed the topic of “Kanji-hakase no onkun karuta”, making the rhythmical sentences using “On-yomi”(Chinese reading of kanji) and “Kun-yomi” (Japanese reading of kanji).
 Next topic was “Kotowaza nitsuite shirabeyou”. They learned various Japanese proverbs. They looked up proverbs with their interest.
 The last story for the Garde 3 was “Mochimochi no ki”.  It is very famous, heartwarming story. It’s about a coward little boy “Mameta” and his grandpa. We enjoyed reading this story and through Mameta’s brave action, we considered true gentleness. Actually I remember this story when I was a child and it’s one of my favorites story, so please read it with your children.

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